Selling a Product or Service, You need a Strategy that Delivers high numbers of 'targeted' visitors to your website. PPC or Pay per click marketing can be a highly effective and affordable way to do this, especially if managed professionally

When you perform a search on a major search engine, you’ll find the sponsored listings at the top of the results, and down the left. Whether you are a fan of them or not, it’s a fact that they do work. Sponsored listings make it possible to be seen by people searching for the goods and services that you supply without years of search engine optimisation work and content production. It’s possible to get highly qualified shoppers to visit your website within minutes of the ad being set.

We know where to position your ad and how to craft it for best success.

As part of our Pay Per Click service, we offer full service SEO solutions for management, setup, conversions and reporting for the all the big Pay Per click search portals.

Our Pay Per Click Services include:

  • Initial keyword research
  • Campaign and ad group setup
  • Landing page identification and optimisation
  • Advert creation
  • Language and geo targeting
  • Creative Testing
  • Bid management
  • Shopping campaign data creation
  • Industry insights and competitor benchmarking
  • Reporting and KPIs

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