Where Do Your Digital Leads Go?

Posted by admin at 3:18 PM on Sep 12, 2019


Aside from brand awareness, the main goal of digital marketing, of any type of marketing in fact, is to get customers. You want to appeal to someone looking for your solution to their problem and turn them from an interested party into a proper customer and in the digital world that's all about your website. Granted, some companies can't feasibly make sales online, so businesses who provide bespoke products and services with a long lead time may not be looking for online conversions as much as businesses who do sell products online, but all companies need to convert their digital leads and get these into the sales pipeline somehow.

Whether you use a social approach, paid search, organic search engine marketing or a combination of channels most businesses are looking to get customers to their website, but where these potential customers arrive can make or break the deal.If you have a great keyword marketing strategy and a well performing PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign you might be getting loads of people through to your site, but very few actual purchases arising as a result. This is a sign that something is putting these customers off going any further with their purchasing activity and that sign usually points towards the landing page.

A landing page for a marketing campaign is a must, and many successful businesses use a variety of landing pages for different products, services and campaigns.It's not uncommon to have a different landing page displayed based on where a customer has come from, so a click through from a Google AdWords campaign may take your potential customer to a different landing page than a click through from a product-specific Facebook campaign – it's about being relevant to your audience to keep them interested.It's very easy for online sales to fall out of the pipeline at every stage, so keeping those people on your website is vital.

A good landing page needs to be consistent so the customer feels comfortable and confident with your company. Clicking an advert then landing on a page that doesn't have the same feel or the same wording as the ad can be a jarring experience and this puts people off.Similarly, landing on a page about a different product to the one advertised, or worse, just on the homepage, can make potential customers doubt the experience and reliability of your company or product. This may be an unfair judgement for people to make, but in reality the second someone doubts whether your product is right is the end of their customer journey with you.

You may already have product pages acting as landing pages for different campaigns and this is much better than simply directing users to your homepage – this can make them feel lost and unsupported and that's not how good customers feel. For product specific campaigns this can be enough but it doesn't have to end there.It is worth setting up different landing pages, either with different pictures, different wording or a different layout and seeing which one performs better.This insight can help you develop your website for the optimum conversion rates.

It is also worth using more than one landing page for other types of marketing campaign (brand awareness, reputation management or new product launches) to maximise the return on your investment, as you can quickly determine which version is performing the best and direct customers to that one. Sometimes this information can lead to a realisation that your website is looking a little dated and needs some work, which is always worth doing to keep up with the times.

At Parua we can create landing pages, devise campaigns, manage AB testing of landing pages and also advise on website updates or next steps as a result of analysing the campaign data while you sit back and enjoy your sales increase and continued success.

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