Using Automation to Make Life Easier

Posted by admin at 10:43 AM on Jul 21, 2023


AI gets a bad press sometimes, but it is worth remembering that AI type tools have been around for many years and have played a vital role in making many people's lives easier. Used well, AI and automation are programmed by a human to take a piece of work off someone's desk and get it done more quickly and more cost-effectively. Here are some easy, useful automations we can introduce into your marketing strategy that save time and money with results into the bargain.

Automating content sending on sign up

When a new subscriber signs up to your marketing emails or newsletter ensure that this is set to automatically trigger the sending of your most recent newsletter. This instant engagement helps build a relationship with a new prospect as they'll still be thinking about your company when they receive the mail out. Packed with useful information, a high quality newsletter can help create a really firm foundation for a profitable relationship.

If you specify different areas of interest on your enrolment form then leverage this information to send the best performing subject-specific newsletters (or links to content) that align with your new subscriber's preferences. This more segmented approach is perfect for businesses that work in a number of sectors or whose products have multiple applications, and who create content targeted to these areas.

Managing expectations

When a prospect makes contact with your company do they receive a prompt reply? Perhaps your customer support inbox is deluged with similar queries that can be answered without human interaction? Automation can help with these issues; auto-replies to info@ mailboxes can be set up to manage the prospect's expectations about the reply time frame. The same message can include signposting to content the person might find useful, thereby acting as a marketing message at the same time.

If a customer support inbox is flooded with the same issues day after day automation can relieve the pressure on the customer support team by way of an auto-reply that contains troubleshooting guidance or signposting to resources that will help. An auto-reply could be standard practice, or something that's set up to trigger a different message depending on AI flagging certain words in the customer enquiry.

Data management

This is something you probably already do, but if not it can be a real timesaver and keep you on the right side of GDPR compliance. Unsubscribes can automatically be removed from your database, and if you specify the length of time records are kept for, then the same process can be used to delete expired records.

Cleaning data (de-duplication, checking that information is current, assuring data consistency in terms of formatting at sign up and on historic records) is perfectly suited to automation as it is rule based and can save a lot of person-hours. This type of task is time consuming and prone to human error as we get tired of looking at the same stuff all day.

At Parua we believe in leveraging the right technology for the right purpose, and all these automated tasks make your life easier, and deliver a better experience for your prospects, garnering you a good reputation for customer management when you haven't even lifted a finger. Get in touch to find out how we can take the pressure off.

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