Tighten up Your Keyword Gaps

Posted by admin at 10:18 AM on Aug 18, 2020


Keyword gaps, or content gaps, are the words and phrases you're missing on your website that leads to a low volume of traffic, or which cause potential customers to leave your site before taking positive action.If you have gaps in your keywords, especially when you're using them for PPC and paid advertising, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Keyword gaps often arise when there is a jargon or local term for something that you haven't included in your website and in your marketing strategy.They can also arise when you haven't put yourself in your customer's shoes and really considered what search terms they might use to find the product or service you offer.The worst thing is when your potential customer doesn't find you in search results and ends up making a purchase with your competitor, but there is also the knock-on effect of your website not appearing for certain search terms which reduces your overall brand visibility.

There are several online tools that help identify keyword gaps in your content, and they also look at your competitors to identify which keywords and terms they are using. You can see which terms your competitors rank highly for, but which you do not, and use this insight to improve the content on your landing pages. Some of these tools offer a high level overview, while others are geared towards more specific analysis of certain parts of your site, which is great if you have a diverse product line and you want to know why a certain item or category isn't selling as well as the others.

You can also conduct some semantic research to identify search terms and underlying concepts you haven't thought of, but which your customers might be using to find the product or service you offer. Text Optimizer tells you how your content performs against specified search terms, and suggests keywords and content to include on your analysed page to improve it's ranking in search results.It's also worth thinking about alternative uses for your product or service. For example, if you sell heated clothing for motorcyclists you should also target keywords and content to people who might want heated clothing to help with joint pain, or for standing on the side-lines at their kid's football game. Similarly, a company specialising in industrial carpet cleaning might also want to target people at the end of a tenancy who also need that service.

Checking out your competitors' websites and their landing pages is also a great way to identify keyword and content gaps. You only need to perform a simple search to find the results of your competitors that come up on the first page; once you have found these pages you can study them for content and keywords which appear on those pages that you haven't included on yours. It's also worth involving someone with an eye for graphic design in this research, as they may be able to spot certain design features that can influence customers to make a purchase or spend longer on the page learning about the product.

At Parua we can undertake all this research for you with our years of experience backing us up.We have a design team who can analyse the look and feel of your website and experienced search engine marketers, who can analyse your keywords and interpret the results to inform a change to your content or your paid advertising campaigns.

You're the expert on your business, so we work closely with you, building on the marketing research and activities you have already conducted to create a watertight strategy for going forward with a tight keyword and content plan and perhaps some changes to your design, layout and advertising campaigns.

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