Social Media Tips And Tools From The Top – Part 1

Posted by admin at 6:15 PM on Apr 26, 2021


The world of social media marketing is chock full of tools and techniques that marketers around the world use to create, implement and monitor campaigns, brand presence and to stay competitive. There are scores of apps and services available to everyone, but not all of them will be useful or relevant to people just starting out in social media marketing, or even useful in certain industries. We have gathered together some of the best tools and tips recommended by leading marketers, that we think are the most useful and the most accessible for all levels of experience.

Video content is the top performing format for social media, with twice the engagement levels of still image posts and three times the engagement of link posts. Photographic and visual content consistently outperforms link posts and plain text posts, so it's clear that any tool that makes your content more visually appealing is worth using. Infographics are a great way of presenting data in an easily digestible format; often by taking raw data and turning it into a visual format you can identify trends and lend clarity to them.

Venngage is a great tool for creating infographics without having to pay for a graphic designer each time you want to turn numbers into pictures. A library of icons, formats and colour schemes lets you choose how your data is presented, making it the perfect way to dip your toe in without shelling out too much from your marketing budget. We can see infographics used a lot in the news to present coronavirus related data into a format that anyone can understand and interpret, and it's this ease of understanding that makes infographics so successful.What started life as a spread sheet can be developed into an engaging and eye-catching social media post that will get more engagement than simply presenting the data in a text post.

Canva and WordSwag are both tools that allow you to edit, manipulate and add text to an image to elevate a simple slogan or an image to new heights. Canva is browser based and allows you to edit images with a professional look. WordSwag is geared towards making motivational quotes pop against a pictorial background, so if you like to share quotes, sayings and other text/image based content this tool is for you.

Animoto allows anyone to create engaging moving content, without having to learn how to use a full-scale video editing programme.Native video performs very well on Facebook and other social platforms, but it's worth remembering that 80% of video content is watched with the sound off (which is why you'll sometimes see “SOUND ON!” in the description of videos where the audio element is important). Animoto allows you to easily add text to a video, so that your message still comes across with the sound off. There is a library of themes and background music you can use, but the text overlay feature really sets this tool apart from the others.

Check back for part 2 of our pick of the best social media tools and tips to maximise your social activity.

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