Local Landing Pages for Local Success

Posted by admin at 4:35 PM on Jul 27, 2023


If you're running ads on social media aimed at local prospects what page do they click through to? Is it your generic homepage or do you have a local landing page geared specifically towards the needs and wants of your local customers? For some local businesses, the homepage will already be geared towards a specific geographic area, but if you're looking to branch out into a new area, or consolidate your existing customer base then playing the local card can be the way forward.

When a prospect is looking for a local service or supplier there are a few things they need to see to be convinced that you're the right match. They are:

  • reviews – especially from locals or well-known people
  • proof – statistics that demonstrate your expertise, or the need for your services
  • value for money – when comparing you and a competitor, the idea of money saving is a big persuader.


Reviews and testimonials from customers are one of the key things every business should be shouting about. It is so easy now for potential customers to search form this insight about you and your competitors, but by posting reviews either as static content, or perhaps as a dynamic element pulling through content from you Google Business or Trustpilot page, you save the customer time.

They'll appreciate not having to leave your site or open another tab to get this information, and that gets your relationship off to a good start before any contact has been made. If you post reviews on your landing or home page as static content you get control over what prospects see, and you can ensure that a location is given for each testimonial. The location is an important factor as it shows the prospective customer that other people in their area liked your business. The influencing power of community cannot be underestimated.


Giving prospects hard proof helps sell your proposition. It could be data from customer feedback surveys, such as “9/10 people in [area] would recommend us to their family” or “98% satisfaction rate”. Proof of the need for your business also helps. Look for statistics and hard proof that people solved their problem by using your certain service, or buying your product. Data on the outcomes of people who didn't use your services can also be compelling.

Let's use the example of a roofing firm. Compelling data-driven content for the home or landing page could be “customers who didn't take immediate action on a leaking roof spent XX% more on fixing water damage than those who did”. A firm selling burglar alarms could add in facts like “60% of burglars would avoid a home with a visible alarm system”, or local statistics like crime rates or the types of vehicles most commonly stolen.

In this post-truth age people are becoming more discerning about who they trust, so using verifiable facts is very compelling.

Value for money

Everyone loves a bargain, and the emotional factor of getting a good deal cannot be underestimated. Consumer research shows the power of the coupon, with 2/3 of respondents saying they'd make a purchase if they have a coupon regardless of whether they intended to buy in the first place. When a prospect is comparing you and another local competitor, the presence of a discount code or coupon is clearly a powerful converter.

Offering a discount, no matter whether you are more expensive than your closest rivals, can net you the business because even when people compare the nitty gritty details of a quote you benefit from the perception of extra value – if you're the same price as your competitor with the discount then your offering will be seen as being better quality.

Check your homepage and local landing pages for geographic area campaigns (especially on social media) and see whether you've covered all these bases. You could see a significant increase in ROI if you're ticking these three boxes.

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