Learning your Local Internet

Posted by admin at 3:04 PM on Jul 25, 2019


Local search is getting more traction as the idea of returning to shopping locally takes off.Many businesses operate within a set geographic area out of necessity – a guitar shop in one town isn't going to get many customers from a town 20 miles away that has its own guitar shop, but the surrounding area is up for grabs and local service providers face a similar issue.The way to get customers is by having a solid local search engine marketing policy, but before that can take shape you need to know your local internet.

The first thing to do is use someone else's computer, or create a new user account on your own, to conduct a web search.It's important to use a fresh profile or someone else's computer, so your search history and activity doesn't influence the search results.Signing out of Google can help, but if you regularly visit sites relevant to your industry your computer will have a memory of those and therefore they could skew the search result picture.You want to know what your customers are seeing when they search, not what you see.

Search for the keywords you have optimised your content for, and add local words into the mix, either county or town names work well.The results will show you whether you currently have a good place in the local search results or not, and crucially which of your competitors are ranking higher than you are.This raw data might not seem to say much, but one of our experts can tell a great deal from how a site looks and where it appears in the search rankings about their online marketing strategy.This insight means we can create a better strategy for you, one which ties into a more comprehensive overall marketing strategy.

Finding out how your customers are searching and what they're looking for is also something we can do for you.Armed with this information the campaigns and content we create will be effective at getting customers through your door, or contacting you in the way you want them to.You can start to see this by looking at the repetition of phrases and words in their content, and also by inspecting the HTML of each page to see how they are working behind the scenes.This is a specialised skill which almost anyone can have a go at, but only the experts do really well, so do have a look, but let us do the analysis.

When we know what your local customers are searching for and how they're phrasing their searches, we can not only optimise your existing content to speak to these people, we can create additional content to fulfil a specific search requirement.We can also use this information to create a paid search engine marketing strategy, which will get you interested customers who are already in the state of mind to make a purchase with you.

At Parua we have the skills and experience to design, implement and execute a solid local search engine marketing strategy which will get the customers you want coming through your doors, or making your phone ring.We use a combination of techniques to create solid, effective local search engine marketing strategies for every type and size of business; so whether you're a local mobile pet groomer or a day-care centre for kids, we can help grow your business locally from the roots up.

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