How Do We Know What to Aim for From Digital Marketing?

Posted by Deven at 3:36 PM on Oct 20, 2017


Choosing a digital marketing agency for your business is a weighty decision. Of course you are looking for online marketing experts but finding the right fit can be a hard task. It is important that your chosen agency knows how to get the best out of digital marketing for you. While proven expertise is the most basic criteria that needs to be met, both personality and communication go a long way to making the working relationship effective for both parties, and of these two factors communication is the most important.

We start our relationship with you by asking questions and listening carefully to your responses. Many people have the same basic answers to questions such as “what are you hoping to get out of digital marketing?”, “who are your main customers?” and “what tactics have you tried or are currently using?”. A company selling widgets will have the following answers: “We want more customers”, “people who buy widgets”, and “we've tried a Facebook page for widget fans and some PPC ads on Google”. The next stage is to identify the type of widget being sold – are they mass market widgets that everyone wants, or are they niche, local-interest widgets that will appeal to a particular market? How many more widgets do you want to sell each month? Have you got a fancy new widget for sale that no-one else has?

This is where our experience joins forces with yours and we start to really drill down into the expectations you have from digital marketing and the specifics of what you want to achieve. It is this conversation, and subsequent ones, that inform our measurement targets for your digital marketing activities. We know you want to sell more widgets, but co-operatively agreeing some target markets where the upswing sales can be quantified gives us both something to measure the success of a particular activity against. With this data as a reference point we can use the same tactics to target a different market and measure their success. We can then try some different strategies and see what is the most effective, all the time making your digital marketing activities more streamlined and effective, which consistently improves your return on investment.

As every industry and company is different there are no one-size-fits-all strategies for digital marketing and measurement so it is vital that both you and your chosen agency are on the same page. Communication is vital, particularly at the start of the campaign, but also on an ongoing basis to ensure that targets have not changed and that everyone is still happy. When we fully understand your goals we can advise on the best digital marketing channels to use as well as how to assess to effectiveness of our activities.

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