How Content Helps You Reach Goals in Creative Ways – Part 2

Posted by admin at 5:29 PM on Jul 18, 2019


Now we know what customers are looking for when it comes to content types, let's take a look at how each of these concepts lines up with specific marketing goals.

If your goal is to build brand awareness then guest posts and publishing platforms are the avenues to pursue.Your customers already know about you and your website, but by collaborating or using publishing platforms you can reach people you might not have done otherwise.Research and white papers can also be a good way of building brand awareness and positioning you as the go-to company in your industry.

If your goal is to generate leads then white papers, research and in-depth case studies can be used to generate leads and build a database of potential customers if these pieces of content are put behind a sign up page.If people are really interested in the content they will be happy to provide an email address and potentially opt-in to receiving updates and further communications.The ones who do are worth following up with to start building a relationship.How-to and troubleshooting content is also great for lead generation, and when presented in the form of a webinar or as a downloadable video, with a sign up requirement, they can help identify potential customers.

If you want to build organic traffic to your website, then blog posts and social media activity are both excellent avenues.People who are searching for an answer to their problem will be searching online, all the while building a backstory of information for social media sites to then use to target ads and sponsored content to those same people.If you can appear on social media while the customer is trying to find an answer they are very likely to click on your sponsored post as it is relevant.This channel is led by user activity – you are responding to their quest for information, rather than pushing it at them.

Here at Parua we use a mix of these content channels alongside other digital marketing techniques to build a solid strategy for your business, which will meet your goals and exceed your expectations.If you're struggling with content or any other aspect of your online promotions we are here to help.

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