Driving Sales For Christmas

Posted by admin at 2:19 PM on Dec 10, 2021


It's that time of year again and we hope that Christmas 2021 will be more enjoyable than the socially distant, virtual celebration we had last year.To help us get into the festive spirit and make the most of what is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year we've come up with some alternative lyrics to one of our favourite festive songs, Chris Rea's Driving Home for Christmas.

I'm driving sales for Christmas

Oh, I can't wait to see those figures

We're driving sales for Christmas, yeah,

We're filling our pipeline

And it's been a long day

But we will get there

We sing this song

To pack and post our orders

Packing in the warehouse

Driving sales for Christmas

It's gonna take some time

But we'll get there

Top to toe in boxes

Oh I got packing tape in both hands

But soon we'll send them all off

Get these orders in the post

So we sing for you

Though you're so busy

When you get through

Those special orders

Successful end of year

I'm driving sales for Christmas

Get those orders underway

From a thousand customers

I take a look at the sales from 2020

We've done so well, so so well

Looking into next year

We got a healthy Q1 to come

We're driving sales past Christmas, yeah,

Get our sales pipeline full

So we sing for you

Get ourselves ready

When we get through

The festive season

Driving up our sales

Driving sales past Christmas

Driving sales for next year

A thousand more customers

I take a look at the Q1 forecast

It's looking good

We're driving sales, driving sales

Driving sales past Christmas

We hope this gives you a chuckle as you plow through your orders and get your business ready for the seasonal break, ready to strike back in the new year with renewed vigour. If your sales pipeline for 2022 is looking a little empty then we can help.

With our multi-disciplinary marketing team we can get quick results with paid search campaigns and advise on simple changes to your website that can help convert browsers into buyers. We can also get you set up with a comprehensive marketing and content strategy to widen the neck of your sales pipeline and get more interested parties contacting you.

If marketing and promotion feels like a big challenge, or you're finding it's taking your focus away from your main business then why not outsource it to us? We work with you, almost like another member of your team, leaving you to focus on what you need to, while we focus on driving sales to your door (or website).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Parua.

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