Christmas Campaigns Start Here

Posted by admin at 11:27 AM on Oct 13, 2022


Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? We don't think so – planning your Christmas campaigns now means you're ready to hit the ground running whenever you decide to press play on your seasonal marketing efforts. No-one's saying you have to start playing Christmas music and wearing novelty jumpers before the clocks have even gone back, but it is wise to have your festive advertising route mapped out in advance, and then you can start teasing your customers in the run up to the big day.

Every industry will have a different outlook on Christmas. In the hospitality and food service industries plans have been underway for weeks already – walk into your local and you'll be able to book a table for a festive family lunch already. Retail business will be similarly well prepared to handle the demand for presents, new outfits for social events and party food, so we can see that although 10 weeks seems like a long time now, it's really not long at all in the world of commerce. Even if your customers (or you!) are the sort that detest Christmas carols being played in October, you can still get ahead on your promotional activity behind closed doors.

Whether you want to leverage your email list, invest in paid adverts or organic search (check out our blog on refreshing content for insight into how this aspect of organic search marketing can pay dividends within days), or create a whole social media campaign we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your sales goals.

We know that a successful campaign relies on exposure – the rule of seven states that a customer needs seven interactions or exposures with a brand or product before a purchase is made. This is a rule that has held true for decades, but with so much competition (on social media especially) you'll need to make more impressions on a customer to have the same effect. Multi-channel marketing is the key to making that all important positive impression and creating the intent to purchase.

A social media campaign with incentives to share and comment (whether that's a discount offer, a prize draw or just the usefulness and relevance of the content) is a great way to reach a lot of people many times over. Every time a comment is interacted with, it creates another impression on the commenter (and their friends) through their notifications and appearance in feeds. If the same offer or product is seen elsewhere on social media (perhaps on another channel, or in a different format) and then by email and through Google Ads the customer may receive 10-15 impressions per day. That's a seriously impressive amount of exposure.

If you have a loyal customer base and your seasonal campaigns are well received it's a good idea to trial the campaign through your usual channels. Drop hints, snippets of video or other teasers to increase anticipation of the campaign launch. Exclusive first-come-first-served offers create instant sales which can then be leveraged to persuade more customers to buy; encouraging early purchasers to leave reviews and continue to engage with your content online creates a fleet of voluntary brand ambassadors that will do a lot of your conversion work for you.

So although it's not quite winter outside the window, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Parua.

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