Are You Undersharing?

Posted by admin at 12:15 PM on Jun 29, 2023


As a business owner do you ever find yourself scratching your head, wondering what to post on your socials, your blog, or your LinkedIn page? Perhaps you need something to fill a page of your monthly newsletter? Having a full content calendar can be a challenge, especially if your industry doesn't have the pace of AI development, or of mobile phone technology. It's possible that you're undersharing – overlooking things that happen every day, or events that you don't see as worth shouting about, and leaving your content calendar bare as a result. As the owner of a business, the things you're interested in may not always the same as the things your customers want to hear about.

Some of the noteworthy, yet seemingly humdrum happenings that you can post about include:

  • The customer interaction that made you smile
  • The customer interaction that taught you something
  • The new person you hired
  • A process that got changed for the better
  • A mistake that was made, and the solution (and what that taught you)
  • How you have implemented lessons learned from mistakes made
  • A partnership you are exploring
  • The sponsorship deal for your local 5-a-side team
  • The raffle prize you donated to your local school

Not all of these will be appropriate for every channel, so while the sports team sponsorship or raffle prize stories will be ideal for your social media channels and a customer newsletter, they'll be of less interest to your LinkedIn audience (depending on your network and group membership).Your new hire, however, can be posted everywhere. LinkedIn is the obvious choice as part of a new job posting, but a short interview with a new member of staff is also perfect content for a newsletter and a social media post on their first day. The entire story can be hosted on your company blog and linked from your social accounts.

Changes to processes, mistakes and learning, and the way you go about implementing these lessons are also ideal for a business-minded audience on LinkedIn, and you could even use the platform's blog feature to make a longer post. Partnerships and customer interaction stories are also perfect business-related posts and are good fodder for newsletter content, or a blog post for more general interest.

The ideas here can also be used to create content for all platforms and channels in different ways. A customer interaction that taught you something could be posted on your Facebook with a short explanation and an image, while a longer piece of content could feature on your newsletter. For the business audience there might be a completely different angle on the same interaction that you can explore for a LinkedIn post. Played well, a single event can start many conversations, and some of these can turn into leads and sales.

While you're at it, see if your customers are willing to share more with you. Customers love seeing themselves on a brand's social channels, and they provide free advertising when they share the post with their network. Ask for submissions of the most creative use of your product, or pictures of your product in the most far flung of destinations, and you'll get some great content catalysts.

And if you would still like some guidance on how to share more, we can work with you to create great content and turn your everyday events into something worth sharing.

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