Are You Sitting on a Goldmine? (Part 1)

Posted by admin at 5:49 PM on Jun 21, 2019


You could very well be doing so without knowing it. Chances are you have been working in your chosen field for many years and have built up a wealth of knowledge about your business and how it fits into the wider industry.You will probably have some amusing and some cautionary tales to tell and a well-worded anecdote can be remembered for years to come by those who hear it.

All this knowledge and experience could be your ticket to a successful content brand. A content brand can be developed alongside your existing business, it can even use the same name, but it is a slightly different offering to your products or services. A content brand underpins your main brand and gets exposure for you and your products by being the go-to place for information and insights about your industry. Good content brands don't just parrot the same news as other media outlets, however, there needs to be some added value in the form of analysis of the news, what it means for the companies concerned, what effect this will have on the future of the industry and how other companies in the industry can capitalise on the news event.

Very successful content branding results in appearance on the television, radio and on podcasts or blogs where your unique insights and knowledge can help make sense of a news event or a new policy announcement.We have all seen business leaders and experts pitching in to discussions on panel shows, chat shows and even news programmes and they get there by becoming a content brand in themselves. Being called upon to pass judgement on a news story or add context gets you in front of potential customers and helps to cement your personal reputation, and by extension that of your company, as the experts in the field.

Some of these media appearances or guest blog posts will be paid opportunities, and this is the most direct form of income from content branding, but the money will roll in from other angles too. If you are the expert in your industry then your products and services will be in the highest demand. Content branding can lead to sales, new customers and even new business partnership opportunities, and all the while brand awareness is increasing and improving, building a solid reputation for the future.

To learn how to devise a strategy for successful content brand marketing - join us in part two.

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