Appraise Your 2022 Marketing Strategies For 2023 Insight

Posted by admin at 5:10 PM on Nov 24, 2022


No-one expected 2022 to be an easy twelve months but back in January it was impossible to predict just how tumultuous a year it was going to be. Looking back, there might have been some very different decisions made if one could have foreseen some of the events that were to take place. But the past can’t be changed any more than the future can be predicted. The best we can do is assess what was done, how we reacted to events, and then to learn the lessons that could inform future decisions.

To start with we need to see what your intentions were at the start of 2022.What were your goals, and how were they to be measured? Making a thorough appraisal of your activities and performance against the intended metrics is the first step. This activity will show you the things that were an unexpected success, and which things didn't work out as hoped – whether these successes and failures were part of the plan or not, the important thing is understanding how you define and measure success.

The first question is whether you're still happy with those metrics (not necessarily the target you set, just the criteria to be measured), and whether you'd use the same ones next year. Are there other metrics you would add as a measure of success? You may have had an unintended success, such as an organic or viral growth in your social media followers, organic web sales or even a particularly well-conceived campaign – are you going to keep building on these or retain focus on your core activities?

Are you making the most of your in-house talent? With influencer marketing now a part of B2B strategy are there employees or collaborators you can work with to promote your business, or for mutual benefit? Leveraging existing talent is a low-cost technique where the gains will naturally exceed the investment. Think about the capacity for video production, interview content, short video clips and other popular content formats that you already have and think about how to use these assets to their full potential. You may have already used some of your employees in your marketing, so is there a chance to build on this?

When it comes to in-house talent and time, are you using your marketing agency in the most effective way? Sure, you may be best placed to manage customer interactions on your social channels but does that mean you're also best placed to create and post content there? Are you using your expertise and time in the most efficient way by doing some of your marketing activities yourself, or would your time be better spent dealing with the crucial activities of your business?

Outsourcing marketing activities is the most cost-effective route in the medium to long term – think of it like renovating a house. Sure, you can probably strip the wallpaper and even do some demolition where needed, and you might turn out to be a dab hand at tiling, but in the end you're much better off paying the professionals for a better quality job, done in half the time. Marketing, especially the digital channels, develops at such a pace that it's a full time job to keep up with what's new – it's literally our full time job!

A searching appraisal of your marketing activities over the past year is the foundation upon which we can build. We can even help you conduct an audit of your marketing activities of the past, creating an informed strategy we know will work for you in 2023 and beyond. Whether you're armed with insight, or need a helping hand, Parua Digital is the agency for you.

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