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These days, it's not enough simply to have a presence on the Internet. If you're selling a product or service, you need a strategy that delivers high numbers of 'targeted' visitors to your website.  PPC or Pay per click marketing can be a highly effective and affordable way to do this, especially if managed professionally. With statistics showing Online shoppers spent £5.58bn online in July 2011, up 5% month-on-month* isn’t it time you thought about your business’s online paid search strategy?

  • PPC is targeted
  • PPC is immediate
  • PPC reaches your customer when they are ready to buy

Put simply: A carefully structured PPC campaign can increase your sales without increasing your monthly budget, making it an investment rather than a cost: we managed to cut the costs of one client’s PPC click spend by 75% whilst doubling his turnover.

If you’re new to paid search marketing, it may all seem a little confusing! PPC marketing is essentially the process of buying a little bit of Ad space to show an advert when someone is searching for your product, e.g. if you sell footballs, it would be great for your pay per click advert to show when someone types “I want to buy a football” into Google (or Bing, Yahoo etc…). A PPC manager is someone who manages your pay per click campaign to ensure that happens as much as is reasonably possible.


What to Expect: Our PPC Process

Free consultation

Firstly there is an initial consultation.  This allows us to understand what you want from your pay per click management and understand a little more about your business so we can effectively start putting together an online PPC strategy for you. More importantly for you perhaps, it gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to work with us! We find that a preliminary face to face meeting tends to work best, but are happy to liaise by phone or email if you prefer.

Keyword Research

Now we understand more about your business and what you want to target, we research potential keywords to use for your PPC campaign through a variety of Keyword tools (a keyword is a word or phrase that someone may type into a search engine when looking for your product or service) This will give us a better idea of traffic, costs and of the scope of your campaign.  At this stage you are still under no obligation. 

Landing Page

An important part of a Pay per click campaign is ensuring you have a Landing page that will make the most of the traffic we send (the first page a person sees after clicking on your PPC advert) There are many ways to capitalise on your traffic – we will advise you how best to do this.


Campaign Set Up

Once we have agreed upon a click budget, our qualified professionals will begin the process of structuring your pay per click campaign using our previous and further research.  PPC campaigns may be local, national or international and each requires a different approach. It may appear on different networks, use images or video and each requires a bespoke set up. This stage also includes the Copy writing of your PPC Adverts – as we like to test different Ad texts, we usually start with at least 3 ads per ad group and test which one works best before trying out new adverts against it.


As part of the set up, we will install analytics for free (or provide the code and instructions if needed) This will enable us to track traffic more easily and start collecting the data needed to optimise your campaign going forward, letting us improve upon what is working.


Finally we’re at the PPC management stage!  Once your campaign is up and running, our pay per click professionals will be monitoring and adjusting your campaign to ensure it is working as hard as it can.  Our Maxim is “Test and Measure” and we concentrate on analysing the data we collect in order to find out what works and what doesn’t.  We are continually testing keywords, different Ad copy, cost per clicks…the list goes on!


Good quality analysis is the key to running a successful PPC campaign! We provide monthly and ad-hoc reporting to suit your requirements.

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*[Source: IMRG, August 2011]

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