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Internet Advertising: Cheltenham Agency Discusses some Critical Factors to Consider

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Internet Advertising Cheltenham Although most businesses budget for advertising expenses, many aren’t taking full advantage of advertising on the Internet. Many of the principles that apply to advertising in other media, such as newspapers, radio, and television, are equally applicable to Internet advertising. Cheltenham agency Parua advises bringing in experts to help you succeed. When you engage a firm to handle your Internet ads, you’re using experts with the experience to position and present your company in the best possible manner. To do this, such firms identify and target the correct customer segments, as well as track and monitor results. Here’s a brief summary of the process.

Internet Advertising: Cheltenham Agency discusses Identify the Ideal Customer

To determine the characteristics of the ideal customer for your business or service, an Internet advertising firm will ask you a series of questions, and do independent research to define and discover those customers who are most likely to buy or use your product or service. Basic questions include information on the age and gender of customers, their annual household income, their education level, and their job profiles. Additional questions and research may centre on discovering how often a customer may use your product or service, such as one time, occasional, or often. Other relevant data includes where customers shop for your product or service, i.e., on the Internet, in bricks-and-mortar stores, or both.

Internet Advertising: Cheltenham Agency discusses how Correct Ad Placement is Critical

Once your customers are identified, the next step is to find the best locations for your ads. To maximise success, an experienced Internet marketing firm will take a multi-pronged approach, and place ads across a range of web sites that your ideal customers are known to frequent. Placing ads on subsidiary sites that offer products or services that complement yours is an excellent way to reinforce your message. When considering a location for ads, it should be noted whether your competitors advertise there, or if ads appear that complement yours. Another mode of advertising an internet marketing firm may suggest is an e-newsletter that contains links to both your site and related ones.

Internet Advertising : Cheltenham Agency discusses why Close Monitoring is Essential

It’s important to determine how many potential customers are moved to action by your ad. This is determined by measuring the relationship between the number of visitors to a site that see your ad, and those who actually act upon it. For example, if your ad appears on a website that receives 5000 visitors per day, and 100 of those visitors click the ad, with the result that 5 sales are generated, your conversion rate is 5%. Other techniques an Internet marketing firm may use could be to¬† place ads with unique codes in a variety of locations. When customers place an order, they’re asked to enter that code. So, within all your sales, it’s then possible to sort them based on where they were placed, giving you a powerful metric. Depending on this result and other monitoring activities, your ad campaign can be fine-tuned.

With proper demographic, placement and monitoring one can ensure success and a high number of sales can be generated from such a successful internet advertising. Cheltenham agency Parua is happy to answer your questions and help set you on your way to online success. Give us a call now!

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